Apostle Highlands Golf Course Descriptions - Bayfield Golf

 *All Greens Break to the Bay, Even Uphill!

 Course Guide

Hole  Par Tips Photo
Play down the left side to take the large tree on the right side of the fairway out of play. The green is deep, pay attention to the pin position.

 (524, 475, 408)
Apostle Highlands Golf Course Descriptions - Bayfield Golf
Keep your tee shot in play preferably to the center or left side of the fairway. A large tree protects the right side of the green.

 (335, 310, 293)
Apostle Highlands - Bayfield Golf
Tee shots longer than 240 yards will result in a downhill lie to a green that slants front to back. On the right side, a dry creek bed runs the length of the fairway and around the back of the green.

 (383, 370, 295)
4 3
A difficult par 3 with a severely sloped green from back to front. Try and stay below the hole with your tee shot for an uphill putt or chip.

. (193,187,142)
5 4 BEAR
Keep drive in the center to right side of the fairway, drives on left side can roll in the woods. There is trouble behind the green, sometimes a short second shot may roll onto the green.

(417 370, 325)
Very narrow fairway with woods lining left side. Hit to the 150 marker to have a downhill short iron to a narrow, deep green. Second shots hit right or short funnel towards the green.

 (445, 437 or 392, 325)
7 5
Woods down the left side with a pond that claims drives that leak right. Longer hitters may fly the pond if the wind is right. Take an extra club on shots to an uphill green that slopes from back to front.

 (482, 471, 389)
8 3
Uphill tee shot to a sloped, tiered green that runs back to front. Keep the wind in mind, take an extra club and watch the downhill putts.

 (142, 134, 133)
9 4
Pond is 275 yards uphill from tee box. Favor the left side of the fairway to have a nice open second shot to the green.

.(319, 312, 305)
10 4
The character of Apostle Highlands changes from this hole forward. A tough hole to start the back-nine. The green slope front to back with a hogs back in the middle.

(386, 366, 340)
11 3
Gull is a very straightforward par 3. The green is shallow. One of the flattest putting surfaces on the course, but pay attention to the subtle breaks.

 (138, 112, 99)
12 5
An elevated tee makes this a reachable par 5. But with a double dog-leg and hazards left and right, you may find yourself ready for the next hole.

 (517, 499, 462)
13 4
This is the toughest hole on the back-nine. If you can manage to stay out of the fescue you can obtain a rare par.

 (360, 317, 292)
14 4
Take more club off the tee to guarantee a level lie. The wind typically moves the ball left to right as well as the slope. The green is surrounded by a hazard, so be accurate.

 (322, 298, 281)
15 4
Although, this hole is entirely uphill, it is your best opportunity to hit the fairway and make a good score. Your approach will be important. The green is small and two-tiered.

( 327, 312, 260)
The beginning of the end. Two good shots and you might be looking at an eagle or if you look over your shoulder you might see a bear.

 (498, 452, 392)
Take an extra club and favor the right side of the green. It is a difficult up and down from the left side.

 (160, 138, 112)
18 4 OAK
One of the most underrated teeshots. Play short to avoid a poor bounce. If you bite off too much, you may find the water or the trees.

(383, 353, 300)